"I've been all over and am going to places you cannot conceive. You are the one being left behind this time."
―Amanda to Lara[src]
Amanda Evert
Amanda Evert

Date of birth:25 October
Profession(s):Former archaeologist
Allegiance(s):James Rutland
Unknown Entity
Jacqueline Natla
Appearances:Tomb Raider Legend
Tomb Raider: Underworld
Voice:Kath Soucie

Amanda Evert is a character of the Tomb Raider video games who appears in Tomb Raider: Legend and Tomb Raider: Underworld.



In University, Amanda was Lara's best friend, she was a masters student in social anthropology. Amanda was a follower of metaphysical, convinced that the reality is a thin and dull over the infinity of the soul. Considered as an expert in theology and mysticism, she studied the religious systems of the world. One of her favorite theories was that fragments of a single belief existed in the rites and rituals of shamanism, witchcraft and many religions. Her dream was to discover that forgotten truth and disclose to people, so they could enriching themseleves spiritually.

At that time, it was more like a youthful passion rather than a true obsession, something that Lara considered harmless. She was undoubtedly made ​​to explore the limits of science, but she was also a brilliant researcher still in touch with nowadays world. She was young, a little nerd, fairly confident, a little hippie. Her relationship with Lara was the mischief philosophical : they did not agree, but crossed sword without intellectual exasperate or irritate the perspective of the other.

One day in Peru, during the excavation of a tomb Lara believed to contained the remains of the last queen of Tiwanaku, the team of students discovered a new room, and everything collapsed. Lara was the only one to return to the surface, where the team's structural engineer, Anaya Imanu, heard the horrible story Lara told her, about a malevolent entity who murdered everyone in the tomb, except Lara and Amanda. But while both tried to escape, Amanda accidentally triggered a trap that sealed the room, destroyed the roof and caused her death.

Tomb Raider LegendEdit

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  • Amanda's skin is unlockable as an outfit in Tomb Raider: Legend, although it's still Lara's voice, history and moves.