Anaya Imanu
Nationality:African - British
Profession(s):Civil Engineer
Allegiance(s):Lara Croft
Appearances:Tomb Raider: Legend
Voice:Melissa Lloyd

Anaya Imanu is a video game character of Tomb Raider that appear in Tomb Raider: Legend. Anaya is a civil engineer and a good friend of Lara Croft. She is voiced by Melissa Lloyd.



Anaya is a young African woman of 29 years. Faculty friend of Lara, she is an engineer and works in disadvantaged areas of South America. She is a straightforward person, down to earth and passionate about her work. Behind a nonchalant personality lies a vast knowledge of science, a dynamic young woman in leadership. Even if Lara impresses her, she does not put her on a pedestal : she knows, like everyone else, that Lara has ups and downs. Anaya was with Lara and Amanda the day of the disaster in Paraiso. Since that fateful day, Anaya only stays on her own, which does not prevent some recrosses with her old friend.

Tomb Raider: LegendEdit

In Tomb Raider: Legend, Anaya is first mentionned by Lara while climbing a mountain in Bolivia. She said, that her old friend Anaya told her that the relic she's looking for, may be there. After meeting with Lara in Peru, mercenaries invade the village. Anaya gets away while Lara stays back and wipes them out. she eventually gets tailed by mercenaries while rushing out of the desert, but is saved when Lara kills mercenaries on motorcycles and a mercenary driving behind Anaya in a truck.


  • Anaya Imanu's vehicle is a yellow Jeep Wrangler.