Angus Grimaldi

Date of birth:60’s
Date of death:2013
Shantytown, Yamatai
Profession(s):Helmsman and first aid officer.
Appearances:Video Game(s)
Tomb Raider
Comic Book(s)
Tomb Raider: The Beginning
Voice:James Walsh

Angus Grimaldi better known as "Grim" is a character of the Tomb Raider franchise that appear in the video game Tomb Raider and in the comic book Tomb Raider: The Beginning.



Grim grew up in ‘The Gorbals’ of Glasgow, Scotland, one of the toughest places in the UK. As a child he always felt a kinship with water and often built makeshift boats out of junk and taught himself to sail on the nearby river Clyde. There’s nothing about sailing and water that Grim doesn’t know, and he has sailed all the oceans of the world, which included stints working for the Merchant Navy where he met Roth.

Roth and Grim found a kinship and stuck together after their service. They traveled the world and took any job that paid well, all of them dangerous and most of them legal. Grim and Roth saved each other’s skin on numerous occasions. When Roth purchased the Endurance, Roth wouldn’t trust anyone else but Grim at her helm.

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