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Samantha Nishimura better known as "Sam" is one of the character and the best friend of Lara Croft in the 2013 reboot Tomb Raider. Due to her parents' status, Samantha moved often as a child, even from a continent to another. This resulted in Samantha being often the outsider in school, and she gained attention by being a bit of a wild child. Samantha and Lara have been on adventures together before their expedition to Yamatai. They've been on a backpacking trip in Bulgaria and a hiking trip on the south face of Kilimanjaro. On their adventures Lara has been more interested in exploring ruins and Samantha on the other hand has been more interested in visiting the local clubs and running into cute guys.


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LARA CROFT (Tomb Raider) vs NATHAN DRAKE (Uncharted) - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 4)

LARA CROFT (Tomb Raider) vs NATHAN DRAKE (Uncharted) - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 4)

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2013 Lara Croft angainst AOD Lara Croft.
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